Weekend Day Dream

Good Friday morning. It's my Friday again, as I have off from work tomorrow! How was your latest weekend? Mine was wonderful, the perfect trip with my lovely friends. I can't believe it's the end of July already. Where does time go? Which reminds me that I need to book my next vacation :))) Vacation is the best way to recharge my battery life. I was happy and relaxed when the sun started setting down and I got lost in my books. I just love spending time amongst all of the beautiful flowers, green trees and gorgeous grounds. It really makes me feel so incredibly alive and so content. Veravian resort at Wang Nam Kiao, North East part of Thailand, is really such a lovely, peaceful and beautiful place, like a heaven. We booked the villa for 1 night. It has own private swimming pool and I can have the feeling of being very close to nature there. So we spent the time in jacuzzi pool a short while before dinning time. After refreshing our self and had a dinner at the restaurant in this resort; It was raining, I could say it was a heavy rain. So we had to wait for a while. And when the rain almost stop, we borrowed the umbrellas and took a quick walk to our room. That night my iPod (which i call iSai) was playing my favorite chill out playlist from the hotel speaker. These was so real relaxing, we had some beer and chit chatted just for a bit. It was my good time ever, hang out with all my good old friends at the good place in the good mood.


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