Asiatique the Riverfront

When you are in a big city which has a comfortable transportation like car or even electric train and you have to take them every single day sometimes you need a chance to feel some fresh air and let the wind slap your face but i'm pretty sure you can't  if you are living in a big city like Bangkok, air pollution from cars and a very hot weather outside air conditioner is a big problem. So this time I decided to go by boat along Chao Phraya River to Asiatique, a new trendiest landmark, which is the old pier for a very long time ago.
This place has a lot of good restaurants that you can find some good food in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere at the riverfront and a lot of trendy shops that I really enjoy window shopping so much. So I spent the evening a bit with walking around and then head to the restaurant, had some food to fill my stomach and had some drink actually Hoegaarden again, this was not my request but HIM!


The Land of Smile

I think Summer is not over. Sun still shiny and wind still blowing some fresh air. 
Dress / Jaspal