Drift Print Dress

This is my favorite piece from Thai local brand, Jaspal and this was the beginning of another expected and great collaboration. But still haven't has a chance to wear it. This dress has a gorgeous print, slouchy silhouette like i was looking for and also it's perfect with my new Ce'line clutch bag. I love to hang my dress on the window, let sun light kiss my dress and see how it's done.


Crazy me in the pool

swimsuit: virgindaisies

It was my latest trip at Phuket (actually it was last year...)for my friend wedding. They own the boutique hotel there. So I spent the whole day got soak in the sea and pool while sipping some Mojito. I think this is too crazy, short hair like a tomboy and weird face pose under the water.


Morning Ceremony

Dear friend...
your wedding day is such a big day for me too
this Thai style ceremony is so classic
you are so beautiful and your groom is so handsome
I truly hope you guys live happily forever after


my new CE'LINE

Haven't wore this army jacket for a while..still love it. 
and thx for my best friend to give me a special clutch from Ce'line. It's so perfect.


Top / Platinum
Short / JJ
Sunglasses / Super
Ring / Arty YSL 
Clutch / Ce'line
Shoes / H&M


Keep Calm and Eat Crepe

This is another branch of Vanilla, Vanilla Crepe Cafe (they have Vanilla garden, Vanilla industry etc.) I love how they setting the light. It's a bit dark for the whole atmosphere but decorate with industrial grungy lightings on top of the tables, easy for taking a lot of good foodie photos in the social media world. The menu is for a Japanese Cafe lover style. You could find a lot of new fusion crepes which have both of smell of meat and fruity-ice cream crepes. For the drinks, they have a lot but I really love Vanilla Coffee which is a signature of this brand. Scramble egg นี่ กินที่ไหน ยังไงก็อร่อย เป็น menu brunch คู่กาย ยิ่ง serve กับ spinach แล้วก็ mushroom ด้วยนะ มันพอดี แป้ง crepe ที่นี่ก็นุ่มนิ่ม love มาก เคยลอง crepe แบบหวานแล้ว รู้สึกว่า ราคาโหดไปหน่อย แต่พอสั่งเป็นแบบคาว รู้สึกว่า คุ้มค่า คุ้มราคามากกว่า ว่าจะกลับไปลองอีก เพราะที่นี่ใกล้บ้าน มาบ่อยมากกกกก @Crystal. 


Wedding Powder

Laura Mercier translucent Loose Setting Powder has been a must have item for me a very long long time. It's set my makeup throughout the day and help minimize oiliness. The texture is smooth and silky that's mean it never feel heavy over my foundation. Everything is perfect for me but I've just BORED. This is a girl problem you want to try something new all the time. 
And yeah!!! I found a good competitor, SHU UEMURA Face Powder Matte in colorless. Not only use it on my daily makeup routine, I think use it for photo shoots is a good way too. Every makeup artist that I've known use it for brides or graduates which they have to be perfect. It's  a lightweight and comfortable on skin with a fine texture so it mattifies the skin without caking and greasy. It's not so matte finish but it gives a little bit shine and not look over-powdered which i really love. And another big reason that I love this powder is the packaging. It has a mesh screen, something, that allows powder to come out onto the brush easily. Just press the brush and tip powder all over it.
I won't say this is the best loose powder over the others brand but I've just LOVE it a lot right now.


Bangkok Oasis

It's raining season here in Thailand, that's mean green and fresh everywhere. Perfect for picnic in Sunday morning. Let's prepare your food and check your bicycle (to be sure it's work) and then countdown for the next Sunday.