Wedding Powder

Laura Mercier translucent Loose Setting Powder has been a must have item for me a very long long time. It's set my makeup throughout the day and help minimize oiliness. The texture is smooth and silky that's mean it never feel heavy over my foundation. Everything is perfect for me but I've just BORED. This is a girl problem you want to try something new all the time. 
And yeah!!! I found a good competitor, SHU UEMURA Face Powder Matte in colorless. Not only use it on my daily makeup routine, I think use it for photo shoots is a good way too. Every makeup artist that I've known use it for brides or graduates which they have to be perfect. It's  a lightweight and comfortable on skin with a fine texture so it mattifies the skin without caking and greasy. It's not so matte finish but it gives a little bit shine and not look over-powdered which i really love. And another big reason that I love this powder is the packaging. It has a mesh screen, something, that allows powder to come out onto the brush easily. Just press the brush and tip powder all over it.
I won't say this is the best loose powder over the others brand but I've just LOVE it a lot right now.

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  1. Hi Saii! Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog. I'm really enjoying your blog too and this is a great review, I'm thinking of buying this powder now! It sounds very good.
    I'm gonna be in Bangkok soon, either next week or some weekend soon. We could meet somewhere if you like? Drop me your phone number in an email on praguefashion@hotmail.com