Sampeng market after Chinese New Year

Last Sunday after I spent all time in the morning wth my mom and pretended to be a good daughter;P I decided to go to Sampeng wth my Tuatoe. I haven't been there for a while like 3-4 years. Its not far from my graduated school or even my house but its the wholesale market for accessories that I have to go wth friends. However, buying acccessories was not my point to go there. I took MRT from JJ market to Hualampong then publish bus then walked non-stop from Yaowarat, China Town to Sampeng looking for fabric to make my new dress. The neon pink one was very cheap and the color was perfect like I was looking for. I'll make a dress like topshop style. The second one is a gold blossom-printed fabric which Im really luv the color, navy blue wth big yellow flowers. I decided to make a skirt. Now, Im working on them and wish I could wear them in this summer. That day was not too crowned as I thought, and thanks God! for nice weather. May be its a Shopping Therapy:))

I visited Wat Leng Nei Yee after shopping but a lot of incense smoke, that made me cry 55, so i couldn't take any pics from there.
Happy Chinese New Year everyone. xoxo

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