Before Valentine ♥

I'm really love Sunday especially yesterday, the day before Valentine's day. I planed to take the whole day with my beloved boyfriend at home watched the movies, cooked and decorated my room for special day. He came to see me in the early wet morning, it was a little bit rain. I love this weather, drizzled. Around noon we went out, find somethings to eat and shopping. After we had lunch at Yentafoh Pa' Sena2, we continue finding some groceries at Nawamin City Avenue for making our special dinner. We just walking around for a while but as the time we wasted in there we just end up wth some popcorns, refreshments, meets, onions, spaghetti, ketchup and others things that we can eat 555 now I think we spent much more than we expect but its normal right when you are shopping with someone you love. We decided to make a spaghetti at home. It was simply, easy to cook and yeah!! I think it was dilicious. I had a great time yesterday and looking forward for the next time:))

Now, I'm still waiting for him to take me celebrate again, not home for tonight. We'll go out to the cool place. I'll blog it later...

♥♥Happy Valentine's day♥♥

my Sweet memory

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