"P.S. cafe" The perfect place for my Singapore trip

This is my second time in Singapore, last time it was like 2 and a half years past. This trip was so perfect. The weather was nice, not rain like Bangkok. You could tell me this is a fall season but for this country it's like hot hot and hotter all the time. But anyway I was try to create a fall image in my mind which is the perfect season for brunch and the good reason to wake up on Sunday morning.
My bf's sister took us by a car, drove along the road to Dempsy for having brunch before going to Universal SG. You could sit indoors near the open kitchen but I preferred outside overlooking the greenish environment. I ordered my favorite brunch set, poached eggs served with fresh salmon and salad. For the drink I ordered English breakfast tea which was smelled and tasted so good. The menu was quite expensive but very delicious. The service was nice also, all the waiters here are the funny and happy men, all of them. For anyone who want to just go chill, relax and enjoy some good food I highly recommend you this cafe. You can sit all day long read your magazine or chit chat with your girls about how good is this place. I've never tried the others branches of this Cafe but I think all the concept, food, drink, atmosphere and people are almost the same which is nice by the way.

See you again next time P.S.cafe

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