A chilling day in Bangkok

It became very cold here in Bangkok. I think it's impossible to be like this in summer season especially for this country because in March, for the last few years, the temperature was around 30-40 C ( i'm not sure in number but i can only tell you that it's too hot). But now here it's 18 C!!! I mean, this is summer time, may be this world really get confuse sometimes. But the truth is i love this weather, especially on Sunday. Yesterday, I had a plan to go out for a picnic with my Tuatoe but i woke up so late hurr!!! poor me. So I decided to go to Siam, for shopping and looking for some places to hang around instead. First place was Chulalongkorn University, my graduated school. Just stoped by and walked around the building of Engineering. It was a bit different since I was a young girl in uniform.

LOOK!!! I think im still a little crazy girl 555
After took plenty of time there, I went to Yamagoya restaurant. It's my favorite Ramen place. Then I went for shopping at Siamsquare and had a tea-time at Vanilla industry.

Picture could say it all. xoxo


  1. Yes! it was definitely cool today!!!

  2. Oh!!! Hi Aaron, i'm so happy that you've found my blog.
    I'm not a supermodel like you said. such an ordinary girl as always. missing you xoxo

  3. Aww, this is beautiful !
    I love it ♥

    ...OH MY VOGUE!