♥ love Alex and Alexa

This is my favorite "it girls" she is clever talented cool and she is so lucky to date a super cute man, he is a rock star from Arctic Monkey. Even their names seem planned...Alex Turner and Alexa Chung.
I think this is the annoying couple, because its so perfect!!! btw i really luv this couple, I wish them lots of happiness together. บางทีคู่นี่ก็น่ารำคาญนะ ไม่ใช่อะไร perfect เกินไป แอบอิจฉา Alexa ลึกๆ แต่จะมีใครที่เหมาะสมกันได้มากกว่านี้อีกล่ะ xoxo

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  1. I think its amazing because I love them both because they are both beautiful and talented but also its gutting and makes me very jealous!